Photo by Roz Lunn

Technical diving operations are complex and there are many things to remember when planning a dive. The routine actions that should be standard before every technical dive are involved and can be easily overlooked if the diver gets distracted or fails to follow a systematic approach. Pilots, astronauts, surgeons and many other professionals who work in fields where lives are at risk all use simple checklists every time they initiate a task, even though they may have done it thousands of times before. 

There’s a good reason why checklists are used: they save lives. It takes little time to go step-by-step through a checklist, but it ensures that nothing critical is overlooked. A checklist is probably the cheapest piece of life support equipment a technical diver will own, but it will look after you, dive after dive.

See why some incredibly experienced individuals still rely on simple checklists to ensure their safety. It’s because of that mindset that they have been able to do the amazing things that they have time after time and still be able to tell their stories.

Jill Heinerth, FRCGS

Canadian cave diver, underwater explorer, writer, photographer, and filmmaker.

Phil Short, FRGS

British cave explorer and member of the IANTD HQ Board of Advisors. Fellow Explorers Club, CCR ITT.

Dr. Steffen Scholz

German diving scientist; President and Master Trainer of the Rebreather Advisory Board.

Cristina Zenato

Cave explorer, rebreather instructor, ocean conservationist, photographer, speaker, writer.


Douglas Ebersole, MD

Interventional cardiologist; recreational, technical, rebreather, and cave diving instructor.

Mark Powell

TDI Instructor Trainer Evaluator, Training Advisory Panel Member

Karl Shreeves

PADI Content Development Executive, cave explorer

Pete Mesley

PADI Course Director, Technical Diving Instructor Trainer, member of the Explorers Club

Michael Menduno (M2)

Award-winning journalist and technologist 

Becky Kagan Schott

Professional Underwater Photographer, Cinematographer, Explorer and Rebreather Instructor

Lamar Hires

International Cave Rescue/Recovery team member; developer and tester of the Dive Rite product line