Technical diving operations are complex and there are many things to remember when planning a dive. The routine actions that should be standard before every technical dive are involved and can be easily overlooked if the diver gets distracted or fails to follow a systematic approach. Pilots, astronauts, surgeons and many other professionals who work in fields where lives are at risk all use simple checklists every time they initiate a task, even though they may have done it thousands of times before. 

The RTC has produced a Pre-Jump Checklist as a rebreather diver’s tool to assure the diver has a safe, working breathing loop and buoyancy control on entering the water. It takes just a few seconds to execute and is intended to be used when the diver is ready to enter the water. It is conducted as a final check in addition to the full rebreather pre-dive checklist.

See why and how some of the world’s most experienced rebreather divers use checklists to make their dives safer and more effective.