Changes to Diver Medical

There have been some minor changes made to the diver medical screening system components that were introduced in 2020 and the revised documents can be accessed from The English versions have been updated, and the other languages will be updated as they are edited. The revised Diver Medical Participant Questionnaire can be identified by the date 2021-08-30 […]

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Work on ISO Rebreather Standards Continues

Over 7/8 September 2021, work continued on the ISO Rebreather Training Standards, presently focussing on the 60 metre and 100 metre diver standards. When these are published, they will help ensure that training organizations all over the world have a common minimum standard of best practice.

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ISO 60 Metre Diver Standard Underway

On 9/10 June 2021, the ISO Rebreather Standards meeting made good progress on the 60m standard, and the first draft is largely completed. The RTC has two representatives on the committee working on the standard.

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Do checklists work?

The RTC is promoting the use of checklists for divers. Technical diving operations are complex and there are many things to remember when planning a dive. The routine actions that should be standard before every technical dive are involved and can be easily overlooked if the diver gets distracted or fails to follow a systematic […]

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Mouthpiece Retaining Straps

The RTC is running a campaign to highlight the value of using a Mouthpiece Retaining Strap when diving with a rebreather – a simple device that can be a lifesaver. Click here for full details.

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Divesoft joins the RTC

We are very pleased to welcome Divesoft as a new RTC Associate Member. Based in the Czech Republic, Divesoft makes the Liberty CCR, as well as a range of computers and other related equipment.

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Work continues on ISO rebreather training standards

The ISO Working Group that sets diving standards is meeting over the 10/11 March 2021. The standards for a 30 metre no-deco rebreather diver and 40/45 metre deco rebreather diver are nearing completion, and the group have started work on the next two standards, which are for a 60 metre and a 100 metre level. […]

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Michael Menduno Joins RTC

Michael Menduno has been invited to join the RTC as an individual Observer Member in recognition of his special expertise in the field of technical diving. Diving since 1976, Menduno is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of InDepth and an award-winning reporter and technologist, who has written about diving and diving technology for more than 30 years. […]

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TEKDiveUSA postponed

TEKDiveUSA, the main biennial US technical diving conference/show, was to have been held in Orlando in April. Now, the organisers have made the following announcement: “In the interest of addressing the health and safety concerns of our ticket holders and in consultation with partners throughout the technical diving industry, as well as local and federal […]

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