Rebreather Safety

Do checklists work?

The RTC is promoting the use of checklists for divers. Technical diving operations are complex and there are many things to remember when planning a dive. The routine actions that should be standard before every technical dive are involved and can be easily overlooked if the diver gets distracted or fails to follow a systematic […]

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Mouthpiece Retaining Straps

The RTC is running a campaign to highlight the value of using a Mouthpiece Retaining Strap when diving with a rebreather – a simple device that can be a lifesaver. Click here for full details.

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Work continues on ISO rebreather training standards

The ISO Working Group that sets diving standards is meeting over the 10/11 March 2021. The standards for a 30 metre no-deco rebreather diver and 40/45 metre deco rebreather diver are nearing completion, and the group have started work on the next two standards, which are for a 60 metre and a 100 metre level. […]

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Work Continues on Rebreather Training ISO Standards

The ISO Working Group developing standards for rebreather training met virtually on 26/27 November 2020 to continue working on the two standards for rebreather diver training: ISO 24063: Requirements for rebreather diver training — Non-Decompression diving ISO 24642: Requirements for rebreather diver training — Decompression diving to 45 m The RTC has Catagory C Liaison […]

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New Diver Medical Translated

The 2020 Medical questionnaire is now translated into more than 20 languages. You can download any of them for free from the UHMS site

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Sterilizing rebreathers and COVID-19

AP-Diving has confirmed that CHEMGENE HLD4 is an effective medium for avoiding COVID-19 transmission, but they emphasize that it is really important to rinse out the disinfectant after soaking components in it. See the attached image for details.

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Fitness to dive and COVID-19

The UCSD has published useful guidelines on performing fitness to dive evaluations of individuals who have previously been infected with COVID-19 or are suspected to have been previously infected.

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COVID-19 Guidance for Diving Industry

DAN has provided a very useful set of guidelines for anyone operating a diving business, describing how to take steps to minimise the risks associated with COVID-19. Click the image to see them.

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