Rebreather Standards

Work on ISO Rebreather Standards Continues

Over 7/8 September 2021, work continued on the ISO Rebreather Training Standards, presently focussing on the 60 metre and 100 metre diver standards. When these are published, they will help ensure that training organizations all over the world have a common minimum standard of best practice.

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ISO 60 Metre Diver Standard Underway

On 9/10 June 2021, the ISO Rebreather Standards meeting made good progress on the 60m standard, and the first draft is largely completed. The RTC has two representatives on the committee working on the standard.

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Work continues on ISO rebreather training standards

The ISO Working Group that sets diving standards is meeting over the 10/11 March 2021. The standards for a 30 metre no-deco rebreather diver and 40/45 metre deco rebreather diver are nearing completion, and the group have started work on the next two standards, which are for a 60 metre and a 100 metre level. […]

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Work Continues on Rebreather Training ISO Standards

The ISO Working Group developing standards for rebreather training met virtually on 26/27 November 2020 to continue working on the two standards for rebreather diver training: ISO 24063: Requirements for rebreather diver training — Non-Decompression diving ISO 24642: Requirements for rebreather diver training — Decompression diving to 45 m The RTC has Catagory C Liaison […]

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RTC is formally recognized by ISO

ISO Technical Committee TC 228 has approved a Liaison Request from RTC with WG 1 Recreational Diving Services Work Group. This means that in future, RTC will send one or more delegates to the ISO meetings and will have the same voting rights as any national delegate. The next ISO meeting will be on 8/9 […]

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ISO Standards for Rebreather Training to be Developed

The working group that has created a series of ISO standards for the recreational diving world, ISO TC 228 WG1, will start work on creating a series of ISO standards for rebreather training standards in May 2019 at a meeting in Italy. They will use as a template standards that have already been created by […]

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 New Standards Published by Rebreather Training Council

The Rebreather Training Council (RTC) is the body representing training agencies providing courses for divers using rebreathers. In the last two years, the RTC has published training standards for entry-level recreational and technical rebreather divers. Now, the RTC has published two further standards delineating two further stages in a diver’s development, both advanced technical diving […]

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RTC Statement on Rebreather Training Standards

August 25, 2018 The Rebreather Training Council (RTC) is a body wholly devoted to the creation of safety-related standards for the training of divers in the use of rebreathers. Ten of the world’s leading rebreather training organisations are members of RTC and so it represents the best authority on the ongoing evolution and development of […]

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