RTC Statement on Rebreather Training Standards

August 25, 2018

The Rebreather Training Council (RTC) is a body wholly devoted to the creation of safety-related standards for the training of divers in the use of rebreathers. Ten of the world’s leading rebreather training organisations are members of RTC and so it represents the best authority on the ongoing evolution and development of rebreather training. The RTC has created two carefully designed standards with the full agreement of its members that represent a delineation of the state-of-the-art of rebreather training in both the recreational and technical diving arenas. The RTC is presently working on further standards using the same inclusive approach, ensuring that they are fully supported by its members.


RESA is an organisation primarily representing many of the manufacturers of rebreathers. RTC recognises the importance of the manufacturer as the ultimate authority on the proper operation of their own rebreathers and welcomes RESA acting to represent their combined recommendations. RESA recently announced the publication of guidelines for the conduct of a number of levels of rebreather training courses. RTC has always had a philosophy on the guidance issued by manufacturers and it appears on the RTC website: “RTC recognises that the protocols for preparing and operating individual rebreathers may vary from unit to unit. Therefore, RTC recommends that wherever the manufacturer of a particular unit specifies any additional procedures or requirements to those specified in an RTC standard that they should be followed.” Any additional requirements identified by a manufacturer that is a member of RESA beyond those listed in the RTC standards fall within this category, and we would recommend all instructors be aware of them and apply this recommendation.